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Dansky-Kanter Roofing Consultants offers a full line of professional roof consulting services available in comprehensive packages, or tailored to our clients' specific needs. These include the following:


This Phase of work consists of a Visual Roof Condition Survey and the preparation of a comprehensive Written Report. The purpose of the Visual Roof Condition Survey of the existing roof systems is to...

determine the design and adequacy of existing roof construction.
determine the condition of the existing roof system(s).
observe the conditions of roof penetration flashings; including but not limited to roof drain flashings, soil stack flashings, pipe penetration flashings, mechanical equipment curb flashings and heater flue flashings.
observe the perimeter conditions of the roofs; including but not limited to adjoining walls, base and step flashings, counter flashings, drip and rake edge flashings, gravel stop, gutters and rain water leaders.
observe, to the extent possible, the condition and adequacy of roof substrates.
observe the drainage characteristics of the roofs.
observe roof slopes with particular attention being given to the potential for ice and snow back-up problems.
gather the data necessary to develop comprehensive roof repair and/or replacement plans and specifications.
provide the client with budget estimates for the cost of recommended preventive, remedial and long-term roof maintenance.
provide photographic documentation of typical roof conditions and problem areas.
provide detailed roof plans for each building indicating roof penetrations, roof flashings, areas where photographs were taken and problem areas in the existing roof systems.

The findings of the Visual Roof Condition Survey will be presented in a comprehensive Written Report. Specific items reviewed in the report shall include, but will not be limited to the following:



This phase typically includes the following plans, details and specifications:

Prepare comprehensive Roof Plans, indicating approximate roof dimensions as well as sizes and locations of all new and existing roof components.
Prepare comprehensive Detail Drawings for new roof construction.
Prepare General Project Conditions outlining Owner's and Contractor's respective rights and responsibilities as well as any special conditions peculiar to this project.
Prepare a Standardized Bid Form.
Prepare Comprehensive Specifications which will typically include, but not be limited to, the following:
  1. Roof demolition guidelines.
  2. Substrate preparation requirements.
  3. Carpentry and millwork requirements.
  4. Roof insulation type(s), manufacturers and installation guidelines, including tapered insulation layouts if necessary.
  5. Roof membrane type(s), manufacturers, specification numbers and installation guidelines.
  6. Roof flashing type(s), manufacturers, specification numbers and installation guidelines.
  7. Sheet metal flashing type(s), thickness' and installation guidelines.
  8. Fastener type(s), manufacturers and installation guidelines.
  9. Sealant type(s), manufacturers and installation guidelines.
  10. Bitumen and/or adhesive types, manufacturers and installation guidelines.
  11. Roof walkway type(s), manufacturers and installation guidelines.
  12. Products, manufacturers and installation guidelines for the flashing of all miscellaneous related components such as curbs, equipment pads and supports, pipe penetrations, pitch pockets, expansion joints, parapet walls, adjoining walls, roof edges, scuppers and roof drains.
  13. Roof system warranty requirements.



To ensure that analogous competitive bids are received from the bidding contractors, the following services may be provided:

Assist in the pre-qualification of bidding contractors and in the formulation of a list of invited bidders.
Conduct Pre-Bid Meetings, as necessary, to answer any questions the bidding contractors might have to ensure that all contractors fully understand the scope and intent of the contract documents so that analogous competitive bids may be obtained.
Issue Addenda as necessary to ensure that all bidding contractors fully understand the scope of the proposed work and the intent of the contract documents.
Assist in bid analysis and contractor selection.

To ensure that the project proceeds as expediently as possible, the following Project Management Services are available on an as-needed basis:

Bid Review: Assist in the review of bids received from contractors. Answer questions and evaluate cost and time bids for the base bid and for any alternates to ensure that all aspects of competitive bids are considered with an emphasis on the overall project cost.
Contract Documentation: Assist in the compilation and execution of contract documents with the selected contractor.
Pre-Construction Meetings: Conduct Pre-Construction Meetings with the contractor as necessary to formalize proposed construction methods, materials, procedures, time constraints and coordination with the property owners, managers, personnel and other contractors on the site.
Review of Shop Drawings, Submittals and Change Orders: Review shop drawings and submittals for conformance with specification guidelines and suitability for the project. Review contractor's requests for change orders (if any) and advise the property owner as to their validity.
Review of Permits and Licensing: Ensure that the contractor has taken out the appropriate building permits, and is in conformance with current federal, state and municipal licensing requirements.
Review of Insurance Coverage and Bonding: Review contractor's insurance certificates for compliance with specifications and contract requirements.
Verification of Contractor's Applications for Payment: Review contractor's Applications for Payment. Advise the owner as to their validity.
Development and/or Approval of Design Changes: Develop revised design details and/or specifications, or approve those submitted by the contractor, as required by field conditions which are found to deviate from those indicated in the contract documents.
Review of Warranties: Ensure that both contractor's and manufacturer's warranties are in conformance with the specification requirements.
Recommendations for Preventive Maintenance Programs: Specify guidelines for Preventive Maintenance Programs for the new roof systems to ensure that warranty requirements are met, and to maximize their useful service lives.
Project Closeout Administration: Perform final inspection, issue punch lists and re-inspect the new roof installations as necessary to confirm that any deficiencies have been satisfactorily corrected. Review contractor's application for final payment. Advise the property owner as to final payment and release of any retention.



Full time installation monitoring is recommended during the duration of the construction project. This offers Dansky-Kanter Roofing Consultants the opportunity to monitor the installation of the new roof system for strict compliance with the contract documents and approved change orders. Noncompliance items are noted and reported so the contractor can take immediate corrective action. All elements of the work, including, but not limited to; demolition, insulation attachment, membrane installation, flashing installation, temporary tie-ins, sheet metal installation, bitumen temperatures, surfacing, construction traffic and workmanship are observed.

A Written Report of each inspection is provided to the property owner on a daily basis. Each report will typically include the following information:

The general area of the building or roof section where the work was performed.
The approximate number of square feet of roofing installed.
Weather conditions.
Roofing contractor, crew size and the number of hours worked.
Adequacy of contractor's personnel and equipment.
Components of the roof system installed.
Adequacy of storage conditions of materials.
Contractor's compliance with plans, specifications and approved change orders.
Explanation and discussion of any problems that may arise.
Relevant visitors to the site (e.g. roof system manufacturer's technical representatives, contractor's management personnel, building and/or safety inspectors, etc.).
Any other information deemed pertinent by the inspector.



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